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Who need to join the tire producer responsibility organization?

According to the extended producer responsibility principle, manufacturers must ensure that the collection, recycling, reuse, or disposal of waste generated from their problematic products is organized according to established requirements. This means that most of the companies operating in this market need to collaborate with a suitable organization to ensure the sustainable recycling and redirection of used tires.

How to join

  1. You can join the producer responsibility organization Estonian Tire Recycling MTÜ(ETR) by clicking on the link below and filling out the application form.
  2. Once we receive the application, we will send you the contract, and upon signing, we will register it with the National Problematic Product Register (PROTO).
  3. Going forward, we expect your company to provide quarterly reports on the quantities of tires imported, based on which we will issue an invoice. ETR will directly transmit the collected data to PROTO.
  4. Your company and your customers can bring used tires to our collection network.
If you have any questions, please contact us here
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4 Reasons to Join Us

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customer support

We offer excellent customer support to ensure your satisfaction at every step and to help address any possible questions and concerns.

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Environmentally friendly

We are committed to environmentally friendly recycling practices, ensuring that tires are redirected into a new cycle while minimizing environmental impact.

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supply chain

Our supply chain is transparent, providing a complete overview of the tire handling process - from collection to recycling.

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Our reporting system is designed to be simple and hassle-free, streamlining the submission of necessary documents and removing unreasonable time consumption from the process.

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Environmentally friendly and transparent tire management

So far, dealing with used tires in Estonia has been seen as a problem, not an opportunity. Our mission is to change this situation, giving used tires a real chance to shine again, rather than simply polluting nature. Together with our partners, we have laid the foundation for a new and innovative recycling process that genuinely transforms used tires into something valuable. By utilizing cutting-edge technologies and decades of experience, old tires become raw materials that can be used in various industries and to create everyday products used throughout Estonia.
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Price list

Passenger car, SUV, and van tires (M1, N1) 120.00 €/t (+VAT)
Truck and bus tires (M2, M3, N2, N3) 120.00 €/t (+VAT)
Tires for tractors and construction machinery (up to 1150 mm in diameter, 500 mm in width, weighing up to 60 kg) 120.00 €/t (+VAT)
Special purpose motor vehicle tires (over 1150 mm in diameter) 200.00 €/t (+VAT)
Other tires (bicycle and motorcycle tires, ATV tires, etc) 120.00 €/t (+VAT)