Environmentally friendly and transparent tire management

Until now, in Estonia, used tires have mostly been buried or incinerated. This is not sustainable. Our mission is to give used tires a new opportunity, redirecting them through recycling back into circulation and enabling the creation of new high-value products from valuable raw materials. The tires we collect have their metal components removed, and then the remaining material undergoes chemical recycling, resulting in raw material that can be reused in various sectors.
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75 Collection points
across Estonia

We have established a comprehensive and easily accessible network of collection points to make tire collection easy and efficient, regardless of where in Estonia there is a need to dispose of tires.

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Environmentally friendly

We are committed to environmentally friendly recycling practices, ensuring that tires are processed responsibly, minimizing their environmental impact, and reducing their carbon footprint.

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supply chain

Our supply chain is transparent, enabling continuous monitoring throughout the entire process – from collection to recycling. This reduces the amount of emitted CO2 and ensures compliance with environmental standards.

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Our reporting system is designed to be simple and hassle-free, streamlining the submission of necessary documents, ensuring compliance with regulations, and removing unreasonable and tedious time consumption from the process.

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Manufacturer and Reseller Responsibility

The waste management law in force in Estonia establishes the principle of producer responsibility for problematic products, meaning that manufacturers and importers are obligated to ensure the collection, recycling, or disposal of waste generated from their produced, sold, or imported problematic products. Since 2006, used tires have been considered problematic products. Therefore, Estonian tire retailers are required to ensure that their distributed goods can be redirected into a new cycle at the end of their lifespan, complying with standards – this is where ETR comes in to help.
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Environmentally friendly and transparent tire management

ETR's vision is to bring a way to genuinely recycle used tires sustainably to the Estonian market, rather than merely meeting the lowest minimum requirements as a producer responsibility organization. Together with experienced and nationally recognized partners, we have created a process that allows used tires to be redirected into a new cycle, ensuring that they do not pollute the Estonian environment but instead serve as the foundation for the success of the local chemical and oil industry. As a result, Estonia's nature, local entrepreneurs, and sustainability-oriented merchants all benefit.
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